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Viro sugar selected as Best Buy second time in a row

Viro sugar selected as Best Buy second time in a row
Zagreb, March 17, 2016 – Best Buy Award Research 2016/2017, showed that customers selected Viro sugar as the one with the best quality and price ratio in its category for the second time in a row. Best Buy Award is a certificate awarded on the basis of quantitative research of consumers’ attitudes, done in accordance with strict international norms.
Best Buy Award is the latest recognition of the quality and safety of Viro Sugar Factory products. Besides two Qudal golden medals for quality, Viro has ISO certificates for energy efficiency, quality management system, food safety and environment protection. Likewise, the sugar factory has halal and kosher certificates.      
Željko Zadro, Viro Sugar Factory CEO stated that „continuous investments in improvements of our production process in the segments of quality and safety of our products are necessary to ensure the best product. Awards like the Best Buy are important to us because they use transparent methodology which shows that our customers recognize quality of our products“.
Besides being the leader on Croatian market, Viro Sugar Factory exports more than half of its production to EU markets. After abolishment of sugar quotas and export limitations in 2017, Viro will be able to export sugar to the countries in the region, like Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Albania.