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As the most successful big company in Virovitičko-podravska County we have significant impact on agrarian production and strengthening of the economy. We also want to be a responsible partner to our employees, customers, suppliers and the local community because we believe that only responsible business operations according to principles of sustainable development can ensure stable growth and development of our society. Social responsibility is one of our values.

Corporate responsibility

Viro in the community

Corporate social responsibility is one of the key values and basis for Viro sugar factory activities. We employ 185 workers for who we aim to secure the best work conditions, while every year we employ a certain number of interns with high professional qualifications. Because of this, and due to the fact that we cooperate with around six hundred subcontractors, we aim to be involved in economic, educational, cultural and sport life of Virovitica area and broader as much as possible.

In a desire to contribute to the cultural life of the Virovitica, but also entire Slavonija, last year we donated funds to Virovitica Theater and Croatian Singing Association "Rodoljub" from Virovitica, which gathers amateur singers. We also helped the work of Cultural Artistic Society "Tomislav" Županja.

 In order to provide support to the development of sport in our county and broader, during last year we provided sponsorships and donations to football clubs "Niza" from Niza, "Borovo" from Vukovar, "Fešk" from Ferinčani,  "Otok" from Otok and "Tekstilac" from Zagreb, handball club "Viro-Virovitica", as well as basketball clubs  "Šećerana" and "HVIDRA" from Virovitica.

We wanted invest in education, which is why we donated funds to Faculty of Agriculture in Osijek, Faculty of Agriculture Foundation in Zagreb and Association of Natural Scientists Omega 7. In addition, we secured funds for Rotary Club Osijek and helped Martyrdom of St. John the Baptist parish in Županja. During the past years we provided financial help and support for other institutions and individuals.


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