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We cooperate with more than 500 family-owned farms, farming cooperatives and large sugar beet producers. Production materials, goods and services are also purchased from domestic companies, while our customers are mostly large Croatian and foreign companies. Modern equipment for sugar production and packaging was bought in the EU, where we export most of our production of sugar from sugar beet. Since 2006, we are the partner of Pfeifer & Langen, third largest sugar producer in Germany.

European Union

Viro sugar factory cooperates with numerous partners in the European Union in all segments of its business.

The sugar production technology and equipment built into the sugar factory were produced in the German company BMA, one of the most highly-reputed world manufacturers. Fully automatic control of sugar production is based on the technology of the company Siemens and the greater part of the other equipment in the factory was also procured in the EU market. Equipment for the new packaging facility was manufactured by the renowned companies Bosch-Hesser and Krones, while the equipment for the liquid sugar plant was bought in Switzerland, and presents the most modern production line for this kind of sugar in Europe. 

As much as 90% of the beet sugar production is sold on the demanding European market, mostly on German, English, Slovakian, Italian, Hungarian and Slovenian markets. Viro sells its sugar to its long-term partners. ....

Viro also exports the most of its dry beet briquette sugar beet chips production to the Italian market, while lower amounts are exported to Hungary and Slovenia.

Quality sugar beet is procured from neighboring Hungary, which is only 10 kilometers from Virovitica, thus fulfilling the processing capacities.

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