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As the most successful big company in Virovitičko-podravska County we have significant impact on agrarian production and strengthening of the economy. We also want to be a responsible partner to our employees, customers, suppliers and the local community because we believe that only responsible business operations according to principles of sustainable development can ensure stable growth and development of our society. Social responsibility is one of our values.

Corporate responsibility


Viro cooperates with around 600 subcontractors, to which we provide expert and financial aid. In this way advice of twelve agronomy engineers employed in the factory are available daily to our subcontractors and they enjoy the financing of sugar beet production from seeds, fertilizers and protection, to harvesting.

Each year we organize ‘Fields’ day’ event on which we present novelties in sugar beet growing and introduce world trends to our subcontractors. By implementing the acquired knowledge our subcontractors have the opportunity to increase sugar beet quality and earn more, while the factory has ensured sufficient amounts of raw materials.

We reward best results, so every year we award the best subcontractors and business partners with “Golden Sugar Beet”. With this recognition we want to thank our subcontractors and partners on their cooperation, but we also want to encourage healthy competition and motivate sugar beet producers to achieve better results every year.


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