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As the most successful big company in Virovitičko-podravska County we have significant impact on agrarian production and strengthening of the economy. We also want to be a responsible partner to our employees, customers, suppliers and the local community because we believe that only responsible business operations according to principles of sustainable development can ensure stable growth and development of our society. Social responsibility is one of our values.

Corporate responsibility

Environment protection

Viro sugar factory uses natural gas as the main energy source for sugar production. 

Direct emissions are the result of the burning of natural gas and the lime kiln during combustion of coke and lime production. The emissions are controlled by an authorized laboratory, and they are in accordance with the Plan of Monitoring CO2 Emissions, delivered to the Environment Protection Agency and Ministry of Environment Protection and Nature. Lime production emissions are exempted in the new decision, which is part of the License for Greenhouse Gas Emissions. 

Emissions of particulate matters are generated in the of beet noodles drying process, together with gases  generated during combustion of natural gas in the drying process. Emission values are regularly monitored by authorized companies. All values are in accordance within permitted values, and since 2013, Viro is in the emissions trading scheme. 

In order to reduce its impact on the climate change and lower energy consumption, Viro Sugar Factory implemented ISO 50001 energy efficiency management system in 2015. 

Viro has a biological device for processing waste water. Besides rainwater and process water, the device processes wastewaters of the town of Virovitica.
In order to minimize the amount of fresh water required in certain phases of the production of sugar, the factory recycles the water used for unloading and washing sugar beet, and well as water used in cooling water circuits. This way Viro saves significant amounts of fresh water.

The factory has its own steam production plant, which generates electricity for own use (cogeneration). Occasionally, electricity surplus is produced in the production process, which is distributed to the electricity network.

Waste generated in the production of sugar is taken over by companies specializing in waste disposal according to statutory guidelines.

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