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Invitation to the General Assembly on 29 August 2014

 The Management Board of Viro Tvornica šećera d.d. Virovitica, Matije Gupca 254 (hereinafter: "Company"), based on authorities from Article 277 of the Law on Companies and Article 20.3 of the Company's Articles of Association, has reached the following:


I. The General Assembly of the Company's shareholders shall take place on 29 August 2014 at 14:00 h, at the Companies seat, Virovitica, Matije Gupca 254 (hereinafter: General Assembly).

II. Agenda:

1. Opening of the General Assembly, determining the number of votes of present and represented shareholders;
2. Management Board's annual report for the year 2013;
3. Supervisory Board's report on the conducted supervision in the year 2013;
4. Company's yearly financial reports for the year 2013 after they have been determined by the Company's Management and Supervisory Board;
5. Deciding on the use of profits realized in the year 2013;
6. Giving clearance to the Company's Management Board members for the year 2013;
7. Giving clearance to the Company's Supervisory Board members for the year 2013;
8. Deciding on the election of the Company's Supervisory Board members;
9. Deciding on the Supervisory Board members’ compensation;
10. Deciding on the amendment of the Company's Articles of Association;
11. Deciding on the auditor of the Company's financial reports and special audits based on the provisions of the Law on Companies

Invitation to the General Assembly (PDF)